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Your Boobs Matter!

Attention ladies!

Early detection can help save lives, particularly when it comes to breast cancer!

The earlier breast cancer is detected and diagnosed, the better the chances of successful treatment. However, it is unfortunate in Malaysia that up to 40% of the new cases reported each year were already in the advanced stages of the disease! About 1 in 19 women in Malaysia are at risk, compared to 1 in 8 in Europe and the United States.

One of the best ways of ensuring your breast health is to attend breast screening to identify breast abnormalities and it can detect as early as two years before a lump can be felt! If you are aged 50 years and above, it is recommended for you to have breast screening once every two years!

Consultation fees and interpretation by General Surgeon are ALL INCLUDED in the package.

Get the affirmation you need, schedule for our breast screening packages now!

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