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Why choose Pantai Hospitals?

Pantai Hospital Ampang is located in the heart of Pandan Indah, just a stone’s throw away from Kuala Lumpur city.

Here, cutting-edge technology is combined with compassionate care by experienced medical personnel to provide patients who come through the facilities with excellent medical expertise.

The hospital houses 117 beds and over 66 medical consultants, who specialise in internal medicine, orthopaedic surgery, paediatrics, otorhinolaryngology (ENT), ophthalmology, general surgery, renal medicine, gastroenterology, cardiology and obstetrics & gynaecology, as well as many more.

Having provided healthcare services for 20 years and counting, Pantai Hospital Ampang is one of the 16 hospitals operated by Pantai Holdings Sdn Bhd (Pantai Group), a subsidiary of IHH Healthcare Berhad (IHH).

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