Blood Disorders
Our team of experts specialise in screening & treating haematological diseases & blood disorders, including blood cancers. Get comprehensive haematology tests!
Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine_Pantai
Bones & Joints
World-class care from the best bone specialists and knee replacement surgeons at Pantai Hospitals. We have everything you need to know about orthopaedics.
Neurology and Neurosurgery_Pantai
Brain, Nerves & Spine
Advanced neurology center provide comprehensive care for brain & nerve conditions. Schedule an appointment today.
Specialised cancer treatment including radiation oncology & cancer screening. Looking for an experienced oncologist in Malaysia? Call for consultation!
Children's Health
Exceptional child specialist clinic in Malaysia. Get fast access care & treatments for your new born, infants & children. Make an appointment today.
Clinical Lab
Our clinical laboratories offer state of art equipment for testing & diagnosing diseases. Trust our clinical lab staff & technicians for accurate results!
Diabetes & Hormone Disorders
Complete treatment of endocrinology diseases, reproductive & paediatric endocrinology. Consult our expert endocrinology doctors for diagnosis & treatment.
Digestive System
High quality Gastroenterology services for your digestive health. Personalised treatment options. Make an appointment today.
Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)
Looking for ENT facilities in Malaysia? Consult our ENT specialists for comprehensive screening & treatment for all ear, nose, & throat conditions!
Expert ophthalmologists & advanced facilities for all eye diseases & disorders. Advanced eye screenings, surgeries & treatments including paediatric eye care.
Fertility Care
Expert fertility services for hopeful parents. Empowering your journey to parenthood.
General Surgery
Our general surgery departments offer latest general surgery procedures including subspecialties. Expert general surgery doctors + high quality surgical care!
Radiation Oncology_Pantai
Health Screening
Get comprehensive health screenings to identify potential health issues & take proactive steps towards well-being. Schedule an appointment today.
Cardiac and Vascular Surgery_Pantai
Heart & Vascular
We offer high-tech cardiology services by experienced cardiologists. Book an appointment with the heart specialists now to benefit from top-notch heart care!
Inflammatory Disorders
Our rheumatology specialists are experts in managing arthritis & other rheumatologic diseases including paediatric rheumatology cases. Book an appointment!
Internal Medicine_Pantai
Internal Medicine
Our internists specialise in preventive care & treatment of conditions like diabetes, sinus, blood pressure. Meet our internal medicine specialists to discuss!
Renal Medicine_Pantai
Advanced nephrology center provide comprehensive care for kidney disease. Get prompt diagnosis & treatment Schedule an appointment today.
Public Health_Pantai
Liver, Pancreas & Bile Duct
Consult our hepatobiliary specialists experienced in pancreatic/ hepatobiliary surgery, imaging techniques to diagnose & treat various hepatobiliary diseases!
Pulmonology and Respiratory Medicine_Pantai
Respiratory medicine deals with the diagnosis and treatment of lung diseases such as asthma, pneumonia, and infections of the respiratory tract. Read to find out more.
Expert pregnancy check-up, labour & postpartum care at our maternity clinic. Plus, receive amazing maternity gifts including newborn insurance. Book now.
Emergency Medicine_Pantai
Minimally Invasive Surgeries (MIS)
Minimally invasive & robotic surgeries with faster recovery time for treating heart, hip issues, knee surgeries & more. Consult our expert surgeons today!
Nutrition & Dietetics
Visit our clinical nutrition & dietetics centre for wide range of services like nutritional guidance & management of chronic diseases. Book appointment now!
Our team of experienced psychologists strive to provide accurate & reliable psychology tests for a variety of mental health issues. Consult now!
Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy
Physiotherapy & rehabilitation services for various conditions including stroke, cancer or sports injuries. Call to consult our expert physiotherapists!
Urinary & Male Reproductive System
Urology clinic in Pantai offers high-quality diagnostic testing & treatment for urology problems. Make an appointment now.
Obstetrics and Gynaecology_Pantai
Women's Health
High-quality gynaecology clinic with personalised treatment for gynaecology disease. Get gynae checkup from our experienced doctor. Book an appointment today
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